World’s Best Destinations for Sailing Adventures

There are some specific destinations which are not only pleasant to the eye but are also very convenient for passionate sailors who do not like to lie on the beach for hours but want to experience the sea and admire the coastline right form the water. If you are a true lover of the sea and would like to engage in a sailing adventure, then you should definitely consider visiting the following destinations which offer an all-around sailing experience.

The Caribbean adventure

caribbean sailing

The Grenadines are located in the West Indies in the beautiful Caribbean. They consist of 32 islands which are known as one of the tourism number 1 destinations. The scenery is impressive with white sand beaches which feel like walking on a little piece of heaven. Natives are very friendly and will make you feel just like home with their warm smiles and cordial welcome.

The marine life and culture are very rich. The water is perfect for sailing and offers great sailing conditions. The best of all is that it is not crowded and you can sale undisturbed and enjoy a peaceful vacation. Bequia has been especially known as one of the sailing spots for a series of decades. You may also want to rent a boat at Port Elizabeth for a private excursion. You can also join a scheduled trip with other tourists. The prices vary from inexpensive to luxurious.

Sunny California

Southwest of Los Angeles is a beautiful island which can offer you a true sailing experience. We are talking about the Catalina Island. It is very convenient because it is close to the mainland but yet cut off from the ordinary, and the city noise. Divers and sailors are particularly fond of the island where they can go after their hobbies and nurture their souls. The water is very clear and witnessed many ship wrecks and even a plane wreck. If you love places that are marked by significant events and carry a little piece of history, head for the Catalina Island and dive into the deep marine life.

The Adriatic Sea

There was a country in the Balkan Peninsula which made it from the war to one of the top tourist and sailing destinations. The queen of the Adriatic Sea is Croatia with 1,185 diverse islands which offer a unique marine life and tranquillity. The sea is very bright, and there is an abundance of beaches around the coastline which exceeds 1000 miles. The most prominent island for sailors is Hvar with a long fishing tradition and marine life. The Kornati are also very popular just like Brač, Pelješac, and others.

The Pacific and the Galapagos


There is a specific destination in the deep and silent Pacific; the Galapagos Islands, which bring joy to every sailor. This small isolated archipelago paradise is abundant in wildlife and marine life. The Islands count a lot of visitors and tourists who want to see giant turtles, sea lions, and penguins at one place. Take a cruise around the 19 islands and experience the time of your life.


The Indian Ocean also offers very attractive places, one of them being Zanzibar off the Tanzanian coast. Zanzibar will take you back to ancient historic times of the once glorious Persia. The region is known for its cinnamon and ginger flavored coffee and glorious sunsets. Do not miss to see a sunset from the deck as the sunrays glitter in the sea water. Explore the destination by sailing in one of the Arabian traditional vessels which will contribute to a full experience of the region.


Florida is one of the most beautiful destinations in general, yet Fort Lauderdale became the major hotspot for yacht lovers with over 40,000 yachts residing in the port. The Venice of the USA, as the Fort is known, offers great sailing conditions. And if you are lucky, you will happen to be there during the International Boat Show which is hosted in this sailors’ dream destination.

The French Riviera

France is already known for the city of lights, the most romantic city on Earth, Paris, but when one looks at the French Riviera, it becomes clear that the country is interwoven in romance. Nice, St. Tropez and Cannes are the top destinations which leave everyone breathless. These destinations are also known as the places of the rich and the very rich. If you are not a part of the elite, you can always rent a sailboat and admire the coastline and luxury yachts from your modest boat, knowing that no one can take away your unforgettable experience.